Walk,don’t run.

Creativity is a force sometimes to be reckoned with, whether a drive that emanates from within, an accumulation of external forces, or a rebellion against established mores it is something so big that sometimes you cannot name it or articulate the power it has over... read more

An actor walks onstage naked.

Oh hey! It’s been a while. (puts clothes back on) My last blog was sometime last year and since then I have learned a lot, let go a little more and open my heart to the universe a little more. From time to time I I still find myself reflecting on my place in the... read more

Hope is the thing with feathers

Week #10 Artist in Residence I don’t know why but I feel slightly frustrated and emotional at the same time that this is to be the end of this phase of my research and development at the Courthouse Arts Centre. My impatience is driving me towards booking a dance... read more


Week #7 & 8 Artist in Residence I always find a good tune helps me to write and inspires my thought process. Today it is ‘The Hours‘ by Philip Glass.I feel like I am reaching a new turn in the road on my journey. I really feel like I have grown... read more

Hush, can you hear it?

Week #6 Artist in Residence As I sit here in the green room in almost stillness except for my fingers tapping the keyboard I am soothed by the transcendental sounds of Orbital  and reminded of journeys, one of the themes I set out to explore in week #1. I myself have... read more

” I am no bird and no net ensnares me…..”

Week #4 & #5 Artist in Residence  I have found myself unable to sit and write my blog over the past few weeks. My mind is so immersed in thoughts and ideas raised by my research and development that I haven’t been able to grasp them and find the clarity or... read more

The Caged bird sings of freedom

Week #3 Artist in Residence Start the day with a song in your heart. I started my day as Artist in residence this week in the company of the Tinahelys’ Women Choir. It was a lovely morning, led by choral leader Ann Keary. Our initial warm up consisted of some... read more

Have you 5 mins for a chat? No,not really.

Week #2 Artist in Residence It was my second week of my Artist in Residence at the Courthouse Arts Centre in Tinahely and as part of my research and development I wanted to continue my engagement with the community. My aim this week was to initiate conversations about... read more

A Mossy Morning

Day 1 #  Artist in Residence the Courthouse Arts Centre Tinahely, Co Wicklow. For some reason I feel like I am typing frenetically on a keyboard in a sci-fi movie and the word ‘ENGAGE’ which has been my command today has been achieved successfully. So I suppose you... read more

‘I am one with the force, the force is with me’

We went to see Rogue One today.It was time.And it now being 2017,it is also time for making affirmations and New years resolutions. I am paying attention and looking out for the signs everywhere. So today in the film at certain moments I kind of felt like I was being... read more

The Struggle is real.

This sentence has been screaming out at me for the past few days. And I feel like screaming back in agreement ‘YES IT IS’. It’s okay to feel that way, to say it, to scream it if you wish. I just posted one of my older blogs on twitter to the Mams and Makers Ireland... read more
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