We went to see Rogue One today.It was time.And it now being 2017,it is also time for making affirmations and New years resolutions.
I am paying attention and looking out for the signs everywhere. So today in the film at certain moments I kind of felt like I was being given a new mantra to guide me into 2017. The mantra ‘I am one with the force, the force is with me’ resonated within. Working as an actor requires a tremendous amount of self-belief and confidence on a daily basis to bolster you in following this path and it really does help to have an extraordinary metaphysical force within.
In our industry we are faced with rejection after rejection and it does chip off tiny fragments especially as youth wanes and the reality of where you feature within the industry dawns. Those exciting Hollywood offers just don’t seem to reach me, I am definitely going to have a word with the postman.
After the film on our drive home I did fantasise a little about an older female warrior character and I just happened to be the one they wanted to play her. Me,starring in a Star Wars film. It actually felt achievable and faded (only slightly)as I looked out the car window to the dark rural winding Wicklow roads ahead of me. Anything is possible with the force I secretly thought.
The force is strong and the dreams are real. As actors we have to believe and keep believing as when we stop the light fades quickly and it may be time to change hats or robes for good.
Now,wearing many hats(robes)is a feature of many actors lives but deciding when is the time to remove the old acting hat (robe) permanently then that requires a different kind of courage.
I commend those who can do it.
I am having heart palpitations just thinking about it, you see I am one with the force and the force is with me and I have decided my inner Jedi just needs to work a little harder this year.
Now, where did I leave that bloody lightsaber?

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