A young innocent girl faces the cruel reality of being an unmarried mother in Ireland in the 1970’s.





The Apple Tree

When a young girl witnesses her single mother’s struggle to provide her with the security to match the love she offers him, she soon realises that rural Ireland in the 1980’s does not look favourably on women. It is a only a matter of time before it all changes. Precious moments will soon become memories.
 Finalist Kerry International Film Festival 2023.



An abused woman must face her past in order to break the chains that bind her. Anne is at breaking point. She is living in the shadow of her controlling boyfriend along with the shadow of her past. The past and present collide to prove that hope is the last thing ever lost.



Pinnacle Film Awards 2021 Gold Award Winner
Waterford International Film Festival 2021- Semi Finalist
Film Festival 2021 – Semi Finalist 
Kerry International Film Festival 2021- Semi Finalist 
Scriptwrite Short Script Contest 2021- Quarter Finalist



A middle-aged woman is suddenly catapulted into singlehood. A journey of self-discovery leads her to relinquish the emotional baggage of her failed, loveless relationship.




(Feature or television drama)
A woman must face her demons in order to change her life. But she is not alone. The small Catholic town she lives in is rocked to it’s core by satanic inspired violence against the church. She will become the accidental hero in the battle of good versus evil. 




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