Creativity is a force sometimes to be reckoned with, whether a drive that emanates from within, an accumulation of external forces, or a rebellion against established mores it is something so big that sometimes you cannot name it or articulate the power it has over you.

It’s supernatural, extraordinary, unreal and observant at every turn, it binds and shapes you,moves and controls you. It feeds your very being and destroys all adverseries because it’s all knowing, all powerful. For good or bad. It does not differentiate.

You are in a passionate love affair with it. Caressed by it,on its terms, shunned when it feels you lack dedication. It gives you opportunity, it releases you to explore, it drives you and nurture your ideas.When you don’t respond it chastises you, and informs you have not done enough.

Natural in its form it is unpredictable and incapable of emotion, but effervescent and burning with a desire that says. Here. I am. I have arrived.

Why submit? Why not run. Chase the very thing that drives you.

It’s more fun to watch and wait, and make a determined move, a move necessitated by action unlike desire who sometimes binds you, expects something of you. Action is determined, autonomous, yours.

I made this. I did this. I create therefore I am.

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