Firstly let me breathe out a long sigh. I feel like I have been holding my breath for the past month.

I am still feeling the tiredness and commuters exhaustion after a two week run in Dublins New Theatre with ‘Madame De Markeivicz on Trial’.

Three hours commute each day for a show is slightly tiring. Theatre in itself as much as I love it can be draining as it requires a lot of focus and performance energy which is helped by the surge of adrenalin before you go onstage. But once the final bow has been take the tiredness and that feeling of being back to yourself washes over you.

But we are only halfway, our tour of Ireland and trip to Paris is yet to come. I can handle those spontaneous bursts of travel and little adventures to come. I am blessed to work with a great cast and director,our dressing room is a relaxed and fun environment, there are no great egos just great focus, passion and talent. I look forward to spending some more time on the road with this lot and have a good feeling our Markievicz play will be well received in regional theatre across Ireland. I am very excited about performing in Galway especially. Home turf and all that, I miss the west sometimes, and I might actually get to enjoy a night out after!!

As well as performing in the play I played the role of the mother in a music video for The Shoos’Mothers Love’ directed by Andrew Jordan. This was a lot of fun to shoot alongside my two grown up kids Jamie Mc Clean and Caitlin Scott , if not a realistic reminder that I am no longer 21.

Without question the project I was thrilled to be cast in some weeks back and filmed only last 12794649_915252651925383_7700977100967514323_oweekend is Terminal’ written and directed by Natasha Waugh. This important film hooked me from the first moment I read the script and I knew I could play the part of the woman. I wanted it. Its simplicity and magic enveloped me and I feel very connected to this. I have not had any personal experience in relation to the subject matter which is ‘abortion’ but I know others who have had and I feel very strongly about this and now is the time to change the law and allow women to have the choice to do what is right for them here in Ireland. This is a very personal decision and a woman should be supported and allowed her privacy and dignity in her own country. I am a mother and know how life changing it is to bring a child into the world but sometimes that decision is not an easy one to make and we as women should have our freedom of choice. I really hope this film will connect with audiences and with women and men alike. It was a delight to work with Natasha, my co star Aoife Doyle and Shane O’Neill and a great crew, the stars felt like they were in alignment! #repealthe8th

But like every actor once the momentum stops the doubts creep in and I start to reflect upon myself and where I fit in this merry go round of a career. I try to remind myself that it is ever evolving, ongoing, keep on pushing towards the future, the work will come. And I must not to forget to pat myself on the back once in a while and say ‘Well done, you have achieved great things’, you are doing it, juggling motherhood and career, realising your dreams. And always, I am always grateful for the opportunities that have come my way and grateful for the support of Dara Rawat,for what I do would not be possible or easy to do without him, two artists in a household leads to a colourful existence but we support each other in the pursuit of our goals and that’s all that matters.

So I have finally found a moment to sit down and reflect which is vital in our work. I made the moment happen.

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