It’s been a mixed bag kind of morning what with early rise for school, kids out the door, quiet house. Dishes piled, staring at me….I rearranged them ready for washing, that’s something isn’t it?

It’s been a morning of poetry, looking up texts for a workshop I will facilitate. Got some little butterflies when I read some. I forgot how wonderful poetry is,the descriptions allowing us to venture outside of ourselves or into the words on the page. Just like with painting, I sat with my little girl the other day and we watched famous artworks on slideshow and it was a moment of bliss, colour, fulfilment, something felt connected and I felt content. I was really struck by Rembrandt and his photographic work, such clarity and detail. I have always have a thing for Picasso. I really need to bring more art and poetry into my life and our kids lives I have decided. It feels nice.

After that, the morning run, much like the dishes I had been postponing, happened. That too was revelatory. I felt fatigued, as always my brain says ‘just walk a little’. I made a decision to disobey my brain as my body enjoys the run and my brain has no right to sabotage that. I didn’t run as far as I had hoped but I ran well and increased my pace on the way back and even sprinted the last 100 metres. I am determined to continue and need to work out a plan how to counteract loss of activity when the dark evenings and winter comes. It always puts a dampener on my running.I know that’s a while away yet but before you know it!

And then amidst all this mish mash of morning motion there is Sinead O’ Connor somewhere in the back of my mind and the relief I feel that she has been found. I read her open letter on her facebook page and was a little shocked by my being shocked at all her swearing and vitriol. I felt her pain I think. And then another part of me says ‘ you know what it’s okay to be angry, to be hurt, to want to scream and shout and let it all out’ but now I think she is telling the whole world that she needs to seek the help she needs. Before others can help her she needs to help herself. I wish her all the best.

So to my dishes, my running, and my art curiosity, better get on with it!

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